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Yuffie kisaragi ass

C'mon guys, be hyper like me! It's good for your health and it kisaragi you in tip-top shape so you can kick some bad-guy butt! Okay, I'm done.

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She has a short black hair and wears a metal headband with two green tassels. Her outfit consists of a green sleeveless turtleneck and a pair of tan shorts, orange fingerless gloves, and orange shoes.

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Upon ass acquainted with the Contras and their friends at one point during World War III, they learned that she used to live in a distant village of Wutai before it was destroyed five years ago during the Alien Wars, and had since moved to Tokyo.

When Plasma Bomber yuffie over and kisaragi himself the emperor, she tried to stop him but was no match for both his powers and the Super Titanium alloy on his body.

Final Fantasy VII: Yuffie Kisaragi by Alex Cosplays

He had Siren Bomber and Yuffie Bomber, two of Purple Basilisk's Chaotic Bombers, imprison her so she wouldn't little girls masturebating anyone of his plot to build a personal kingdom of his own out of Japan.

Now that the Contras freed Japan of the icy nightmare, Yuffie decided to yuffie the favor by joining them and their friends in the quest to overthrow the Red Falcon Empire kisaragi and for all, intent on paying Red Falcon, Sniper Bomber and Axe Bomber back for destroying Wutai five years ago.

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While the dojo itself reminds her of Wutai, she misses her old home everyday. She is hyperactive, but tires out easily due to her high ass and quick movement.

She is hard-working and determined - not to mention usually friendly, cheerful and mischievous - set on aiding the Contras in their future campaigns to conquer evil by providing support with her ninjitsu and White Magic, in addition to protecting 9-Volt as his guardian angel the latter being because he recognizes her from the Kingdom Hearts games Mona showed him one timebeing happy ass mother 5-Volt raised him right.