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Police on Monday arrested an year-old girl on suspicion of breaking child prostitution and pornography laws after she was caught selling photos of herself naked.

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The girl was quoted by police as saying that she was "looking for some spending money," and based on her mobile naked records, had sold photos to around people since November last year, earning some 1. According to police, between December and Aprilthe girl posted on an Internet message board, advertising that girl was selling photos of herself and underwear.

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She reportedly sent a total of 43 nude photos to a Kyoto man in his 40s and a Nagoya man in his 20s for 12, yen. Police discovered the girl naked using the contact details she had posted on the message board. We've made a "drinking map" for you so that you can easily find pubs girl when you are hammered.


Just another example of declining moral standards and how today's children look for an easy way to make money. I agree with "BurakuminDes", why didn't they arrest the scumbags who bought the photos???? The smut in conbini and online doesnt suffice? If girls or boys want to do this, why not?

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It's their body and their choice. Wet kiss naked only person who should judge them is themselves.

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