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Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, California had a rule that students weren't allowed to take bathroom breaks during class time.

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The lawsuit alleged that inafter a female student — who has not been identified publicly — asked her art teacher Gonja Wolf if she could use the bathroom, Wolf made her urinate in a bucket in the supply closet next to her classroom and dump the contents in an empty classroom sink. Wolf allegedly instructed teen student pee do this in front of the entire classroom. Wolf claimed she'd taken what the San Diego Tribune calls a pee interpretation" of the school's no-bathroom policy during minute advisory periods; school officials saidhowever, that they left actual bathroom rules up to teachers and "common sense" and that Wolf had a "lapse in judgment.


While the school initially apologized shakeela mallu fucked the student and her mother after the incident, the suit said the young woman was subject to taunts, bullying, teen gossip, which led to depression and later a suicide attempt.

As for the school district, spokesperson Shari Winet said they're determining whether or not they should appeal the case, but they're "disappointed" with the verdict. Despite young humiliation she suffered, her lawyer reported that the plaintiff, now 19, ended up graduating from a charter high school and young a job, according to CBS News. Her attorney also told reporters that she's still receiving counseling due to post-traumatic stress from the event, according to CBS News.

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