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Young and plu

Communication & Theatre Chair Amy Young Discusses New PLU Podcast Series

Hosted by Associate Professor of Communication Amy Young, each episode will feature young pairings young faculty guests representing all corners of scholarship. When I was in graduate school, the only required course in our entire curriculum for the Ph. The idea was to let graduate students see how scholars approach plu topic and to watch them debate it collegially. To become famous and have John Oliver ask me to come on his show, of course. Given that is highly unlikely, what I hope to accomplish is a sort of public model of intellectual engagement.

Scholars tend to write and the priesthood, to have our work circulate only among other experts in our own disciplines.

By bringing together smart people from multiple disciplines, I think this plu demonstrates the and and impact of engagement around ideas that touch our communities. Also, I want scholars to try and speak to and for non-experts, and I want to ask them to talk about something that may not be in their research wheelhouse.

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I think it helps us hone ways to take our work public, to communicate relevance and to open lines of communication with other communities and audiences. I hope people will want to come and do the podcast with me.

PLU faculty members Katrina Hay, Ami Shah and Amy Young discuss the word ‘stress’ (podcast)

This only goes well if we have a sort of rhythm and conversationality. I have written quite a lot on intellectual engagement, public intellectuals and activism—I think there girl lick titie a sense that to do political or social engagement famoustoonsgetfucked somehow antithetical to the academic project or disposition.

A sense that we are to remain detached thanks, Plato!