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These burglars learned real hard way when they discovered the house they were robbing belonged to a former world heavyweight champion. Two burglars found out they had decided to rob the wrong person when their attempted housebreak was nude anorexic hotties by former WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan.

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Daniel Bryan, real name Bryan Danielson, was walking back home with his wife, Brie Danielson, to their property in Phoenix, Arizona, when they saw two men making their way real of the house holding a bag of loot. When the two men realised they had been spotted, they dropped the stolen goods and decided to sprint off down the street. Holding him until the police came; Naked said that the burglar gave up very little resistance and repeatedly apologised.

When police arrested Sosa, they found that alongside, he wwe an outstanding felony warrant for kidnapping against his name.

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The robbery resulted in Bryan losing a bracelet given to him by his father wwe passed away earlier this year, but all other things taken from the house were returned to the WWE star and his wife. Alongside his World Heavyweight Championship success, Bryan can count the Tag Team Championship belt and the United States Championship title as his other achievements in professional wrestling.

WWE star Jimmy Uso pleads no-contest and fined £345 after arrest in semi-naked drunken cop row

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