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President Donald Trump will be ringside Sunday for Tokyo's big sumo tournament, but if he hopes his longtime love of US-style professional wrestling will give him special insight into the action, he better think again. Both sumo and pussyschools WWE involve enormous men wearing very little and trying to batter each other. Both are popular in their respective countries, drawing large excitable short fatties nude. But that's -- almost -- where similarities end.

WWE wrestlers are out more to entertain than to wrestle.

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While there is a winner and a loser, the combatants are following a choreographed script that ends in a pre-determined outcome. Not only fists and body slams are used, but also chairs, ladders, nude and fire -- that's right, the ring was once set on fire. However, all the action is rehearsed, then carefully meted wwe in a spectacle having more to do with theatre than sport.

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Done any other way, the televised bouts would quickly result in maimings and worse. Sumo also showcases powerful, near-naked men in men confrontation, surrounded by shouting crowds in packed arenas. But these players are steeped in centuries-old Japanese traditions rooted in the Shinto religion, starting with the sipping of sacred water and the bedavapornoblog of purifying salt before each bout.

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