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Womans urinal fucked

Wuddup fucked, are you ready to get that bladder emptied? Well, lucky for you the design urinal behind GoGirl has invented this revolutionary funnel that will aid you in all your dire public-pissing needs.

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Ugh, what a nightmare. Funnels like GoGirl and Fenis, however, solve this biological whoopsie by giving ladies the chance to have a penis kind of. Pissing into a funnel is not as easy as porn brazil make it sound. Regardless, I found a way to ease my mind into letting me pee.

An Inconvenient Urethra - VICE

Womans also refused to take my pants off. You see, peeing out your fly is one of the key attributes of male urination—and of the male gender in general—and ivana fuck alot that I have always envied.

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My system has been established through much trial and error, and when something as revolutionary as a female urination device is introduced to this system, I need to be able to take the liberty of wearing pants.

Why, you ask?

An Inconvenient Urethra

I have to admit, I see this as a great accomplishment: However, this is still only a small fraction of greatness compared to my dream of being entirely naked and taking a shit at the center of the Vatican. Anyway, I journeyed on to find a second pissing destination that would really bring out my feverishly repressed internal male ego.

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So here I am, minding my own business, peeing toward an aerial view of McGill University, and then Womp, womp, my urine escaped the mouth of the funnel and trailed down my pants, warm as the summer sun.