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Wizard sex

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Wizard Sex was named one of the 16 hottest new bands by Sex Rock Magazine and featured in the compilations CD that is attached to the magazine. This summer is super busy for the band.

Wizard Sex

We are also working on our new record. Let me just say the mixes are sounding sick… We will put out a single before the end of the summer. Also we are starting work on a music video… Yes about that time… Talking to some distinguished directors and what not… Still under cover for now…. That was brutal and exciting at julia smith nude same time.

Sex and the Single Wizard

At some point the energy in the room got sucked out and we felt like the ghosts of electricity invaded wizard space and were stealing our souls every time we sang into the sex, but we battled them with our guitar axes and set up fire under their ass. We yelled, and cowed and soloed on guitars and rattled with bass distortion echoes and thumped the beat of life and then we laid with muses on the bed of tracks and sang them a sweet lullaby.

Well Ladies and Gents we have prepared for this event for a while, between changing the line-up and not knowing till the last minute wizard the line up will hold. Everything went fine and everyone was thoroughly entertained. Then Licking my guitar of course and then realizing that the whole thing was video-tapped on Go-Pro attached to the microphone to see the whole mess filmed.