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When I stepped naked from the bathroom and strode into the living room of bestfriend small apartment, as I did every morning, I was shocked to discover that my wife, Brooke, was not the only one sitting on wifes couch in the living room. Beside her sat her best friend, Nikki, and, wow, was I naked her an eyeful!

Besides my slim and somewhat muscular body, I was showing a shrunken four-inch version of my eight-inch long cock which I knew was four inches more than my wife was comfortable with me showing her best friend. Doing a one-eighty, I headed back into the bathroom, admittedly showing them my ass but, appropriately, shielding their view of my dick.

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I darted back the way I had come as quickly as possible. Giggling female laughter followed me into the bathroom and through the quickly closed door. At least my wife was laughing and not yelling, I realized. She was a pretty easygoing lady but I feared I might have accidentally naked a line with that one.

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So, Sexynackedaunty was relieved. I went to grab my robe and discovered bestfriend it was not where I usually left it. I had obviously used it at an earlier time and not brought it back. I considered wrapping a towel around my waist but, deciding that more wifes was in order, I instead shouted to my wife through the door, "Brooke? Can you get my robe?