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To the relief of witches throughout Connecticut, the case of Kerri Lynn Patavino appears to be closed once and for all. In the case's final chapter, Mrs. Patavino, a year-old former school-bus driver and follower of Wicca, the witchcraft religion, who was convicted in of having a sexual relationship with a year-old boy, returned to court this week to admit her guilt and to request that her prison sentence be reduced. The admission meant one last round of headlines malaysian nude fucking Connecticut newspapers about witchery and of stories recounting the prosecution's allegations that Mrs.

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Patavino, a mother of two, sex used a tube on her bus route in rituals of sex and blood-drinking on a bed atop a large pentagram in her home in Monroe, Conn. Witches, who say their religion has more to do with nature worship than with dark, occult pussy caramel, say it is time for the case to fade away. Debbe said. Patavino was convicted of multiple counts of sexual abuse and risking injury to a minor and was sentenced to six years in prison.

In exchange for her admission of guilt, prosecutors did not oppose her request for a shorter sentence.

And on Tuesday, Judge Joseph T. Gormley Jr. Patavino's lawyer, H. Jeffrey Beck, said his client was disappointed that the judge did not cut her sentence further.

He said that religion had not factored into her appeal and wicca not discussed in the letter to the court in which she dropped her professions of innocence and accepted responsibility.

Beck said that from conversations with Mrs.