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Leah, a reckless hedonist with no impulse control, eagerly accepts his offer. He begins to kiss her, and she initially reciprocates. Then he flips her roughly against the wall and pulls up her skirt. We see her expression change; she struggles and makes sounds indicating discomfort before freeing herself from his grip.

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Watching the scene, I felt like I was witnessing something violating and inappropriate, an encounter somewhere in the gray area between consent and complicity that many women know all too well. Other critics responded differently to white scene. This is the New York Times: I also think there can be a generational and gender gap when it comes to receiving scenes like this, and that some young female viewers might have drunna sex gif more nuanced understanding of what consent looks like than their older male counterparts.

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Yes, throughout the film, Leah frequently has sex willingly and quickly. As most women know, you can be a willing participant in some kinds of sex, at some girl, and unwilling in others, and sex of these erases the other.