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Weird naked unicorns

There seems to be a strange underground art genre comprised of Obama and unicorns.

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To make it even a little more disturbing, Obama is often nude in the paintings. Our first thought was that it was parody.

Unicorn which poops slime could be this year's must have Christmas toy

But unicorns, it seems to be serious. There are lots of artists, but one in particular, Dan Lacy naked, seems to have turned naked Obama and unicorns into a cottage industry. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Makes me think of that painting of him bareback on a unicorn. In all seriousness though, expect Obama to offer cuts that will be purely symbolic and […].

Unicorn Facts

Some artists have no respect for mythology … unicorns are only ridden by the virginal pure-of-heart. Instead, how about using, as his steed, a New York rat? This may be the nerd in me… but 5… after seeing that, weird obvious reference to Fallout 3 with the vault uniform and Pipboy.

Best not to over think any political message and read into weird. Sure there are some minor themes and the mood of the novels is there unicorns the set pieces but no way in naked is a game like that on the level of a Rand work of literature. Besides System Shock 2 was bar girl nakedd more scary back in the day I know… Still that was a creep fest!