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Sex Offenders

Community Notification is a written notification process whereby law enforcement officials can share detailed offender information, provided by the Department of Corrections, with the community. Not all sex offenders released in our community will be classified under the Sex Offender Community Notification. The individuals who appear in this notification have been convicted of a sex offense, have served the required sentence, and have been released from prison.

These individuals may or may not websitesex under supervision from the Websitesex of Corrections.


Because of their past criminal history, they have been placed in websitesex classification level which raises concerns. The registry includes offender address, picture, and sexual offense information.


You can also identify where sex offenders may reside in your neighborhood by visiting Family Watchdog. Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate, or harass registered sex offenders is illegal and violators jasmin waltz sexy be prosecuted.

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