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Watching sister masterbate

I had recently discovered masturbating. I was shown how by a neighbor.

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I would do it every chance I had. One day after school I was in my room on my bed beating off when I thought no one was home. I looked up and my sister one year younger than me was in the door watching. She said I know what you are doing should I tell mom and dad when they get home.

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I asked her not to. She said if I let her and her friend watch she would world big cock quiet, so I agreed. She came back with a neighbor girl and said sister were there to watch.

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I got completely undressed and lay on the bed and beat off as they watched. They were both completely dressed.

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It really excited me that they were watching and I had to stop stroking myself several times to keep from Cumming. They were giggling to each other and talking about what watching going on.

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I masterbate much faster than when I was alone and I could hardly believe how much. The neighbor "Sheila" said wow look at all the "stuff" that shot out of his dick.