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Hey guys, we finally received a reply from R2Games about why wartune are banning us, harassing us and discriminating against us — apparently it is because we help players and give full information to players about everything that happens in Wartune including upcoming events and changes!

R2Games banned us because we inform and help players! - DolyGames Wartune

So they ban us from forums and discriminate against us and harass us by muting our accounts because we do a great job in informing all players! I promise you will be very surprised once you read exactly what and how they replied to us:. Why do you continue to discriminate against our Wartune blog and our team? Naked big boobsgif have massive amounts of Wartune information with literally thousands of articles and videos and are promoting Wartune for years. What exactly is your problem?

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Why are you blocking our blog names, URLs, and love members? Is this a professional job that you are doing attacking your fans and biggest supporters and promoters of your game over years? Should you not be helping us instead of attacking and discriminating against us?

I have not altered or changed their reply in any way — this is exactly what they replied: Thank you for submitting a ticket.

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Back to the topic? Have a good day. How helpful was your Support Elf? Please Note, this is simply for rating the support you have received, not for providing R2 Games make additional information concerning your ticket.