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Virginal hyper

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Macromastia in adolescents is multifactorial and usually idiopathic, associated with obesity or hormonal imbalances. Less commonly, it can result from virginal or juvenile breast hypertrophy, a rare condition of unknown etiology, where an alarmingly rapid breast enlargement occurs during puberty.

Breast hypertrophy in the adolescent population can have significant long-term wrestler daffney topless and psychological impacts.

Breast hypertrophy

Although symptoms can be severe, many plastic surgeons, pediatricians, and parents are often reluctant to hyper treat adolescent macromastia. However, reduction mammoplasty is a safe and effective treatment and may be the only way to alleviate the increased social, psychological, and physical strain caused by macromastia in adolescents. The virginal of macromastia in adolescence leads to a deforming and distressing condition during a sensitive period in a girl's life.

Vulnerability to developing a negative body image and the desire to fit in predisposes these female adolescents to significant psychosocial stressors. Social issues arise secondary to poor fitting clothing, trouble exercising, and public scrutiny resulting from their enlarged breasts.

Hyperplastic Breast Anomalies in the Female Adolescent Breast

In addition, physical ailments including back pain, shoulder pain, and intertrigo at the inframammary folds cause further anguish. Many of these problems can be improved with breast reduction hyper. The demand for plastic surgery procedures hyper adolescent virginal has recently increased, including the demand for breast reduction.