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She mom billiard porn a veil, but Widad Lootah counsels openly on sexual relations, which she says are still the source of shame and disgrace in the Arab world.

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Her work is welcomed by many, but some have called her immoral, or even a traitor and spy for Israel and America. Emirati "love guru" Widad Lootah calls on Muslim and Arab women everywhere to "embrace love and love making.

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She is an ultra-conservative Muslim who wears the full veil and talks a lot about sex, often quoting the Muslim holy book the Koran. Sex the eve of Valentine's day, Lootah is calling on Muslim and Arab women everywhere to "embrace love and love making. Enjoy it, you're supposed to," she said in an interview with AFP, adding that she is trying to break common misconceptions that sex in Islam is only sex conceiving children.

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Dressed in a shroud of black revealing only her eyes -- a choice, she says, that allows her to emulate the Muslim prophet's wives -- Lootah was frank and explicit about veiled importance Islam veiled on a healthy sex viviane castro porn. Lootah noted that her 11 years as a marriage counsellor at the Dubai courthouse made her realise that "what happens or doesn't happen in bed" is the main source of marital problems in the United Arab Emirates.

Public, and in many cases private, discussions about sex are still taboo in much of the sex Muslim world, a reality she says contradicts Islam's approach to the subject.

There are only two simple rules for sex in Islam: Feel each other, touch each other, kiss each other all over The problem is, "there is so much shame and disgrace" associated with the enjoyment of sex in the Arab world. Lootah is an adamant believer in bringing the discussion veiled sex out into the open, although at times doing so has proven it can be a risky business.