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Every young woman at the Casa Regina Pacis has a worst memory.

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For alicia arnold nude, it was the moment of realisation, in Romania or Serbia, that her identity and freedom had been confiscated, that her dream of escape to the West meant enslavement.

The first rape by a new "owner" is a frequent nightmare; so are the auctions across eastern Europe where women are sold like cattle.

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The Albanians often beat their teenage "property" - and threaten to kill relatives if they try to escape or betray their tormentors. The story usually starts in Chisinau, the ukraine of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. Anna, a tall, black-haired young woman sex green cat eyes and plucked eyebrows, was 17 years old when her mother Svetlana died of heart disease in She is a cheerful soul, but her voice cracks when she talks about her family.

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Her father Valeri had been a soldier in the Soviet army, and his job took the family to every corner of the former eastern bloc. Grief and inactivity led him to vodka. My father's pension was enough to buy food - nothing slave she says. Anna fetches an album of family snapshots. These fragments of lost innocence are the girl's most precious belonging, constantly studied and shared with the other women she now lives with.