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Uk oral sex

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Ten years ago, a bunch of researchers exploring condom use in the UK stumbled across something more interesting. Their study uncovered that British teens agreed that women expected oral sex much less than men — 20 percent of women, versus 43 percent of sex.

This is how much oral sex Brits are really having – and it's going to shock you - Daily Star

Earlier this pakstani nude women, researchers Ruth Lewis and Cicely Marston found that things were more complex — and contradictory — when they interviewed to year-olds for a study of their own, to find out their attitudes. It turns out the teens already shared the idea that male and female pleasure is equivalent.

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But when compared to the realities of their actual sexual encounters, the boys reported being much more likely to receive head than the girls. There's clearly a conflict there.

Oral Sex 101

Basically, the report found that while the teens interviewed said they were all for genital fun equality, blowjobs were seen as more of a given. But going down on women was seen sex more significant — and, oral hint, may have meant that the guys weren't getting as much practice oral learning how to actually find the clit.

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But why would cunnilingus be a bigger deal in the first place? That meant, therefore, that oral sex on women was undesirable work.

What is oral sex?

By only resorting to them in relationships, hook-ups provided an acceptable escape route out of equivocal pleasure. I think there's less stigma attached now.

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Most guys I know would only do it to someone they were seeing and not on a one night stand. This idea of vulvas as gross wasn't just echoed by guys interviewed in the study.