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Tyra Banks is a pioneer in many facets: She's a model who has had massive success outside of the industry, having started Bankable Productions and executive producing shows like America's Next Top Model and The Fab in addition to hosting them.

How Tyra Banks responded to being called "too big" - Business Insider

She won a Daytime Emmy Award for her talk show Tyrashe's a New York Times bestselling author, she's dabbled in music, she received a certificate from the Executive Education Training Program at Harvard, and she attended a boot camp at the Tyra Institute of America. Ass yes, she's a proud mother and in a long-term relationship.

In short, Tyra challenges herself. But Tyra is no stranger to the beauty industry, which is why it seemed like a natural, and perhaps long overdue, fit to venture into the cosmetics world. Having started Type F, a beauty and fashion site, several years ago, Tyra was able to spread her tips to her cumonprintedpics teen fans as well tyra the general public.

Now, with Tyra Beauty, she's creating both cosmetics and, most recently, skincare products she's proud to use.

Tyra Banks Body Interview

My mom pushed into big exfoliation. For us, it was a washcloth. That was something I grew up with, and I was vigorous with it as I grew older, but as I reached a certain age, I realized the washcloth is not enough. The products align with her habits big were ass made with personal touches.

Standout hits include a gentle microdermabrasion stick that removes dead skin and a vitamin-C- and blood-orange-based cleanser — a scent that Tyra has "a lot of personal connections" to — plus a silicone brush head to help melt away makeup dirt and single-use masks made for traveling that promise to " lift, smooth, and illuminate " the skin.