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Boy do we have a froofy, layer burrito of photo happenings this week.

Selena Gomez Strips Down For Sexy 'Good For You' Video

We hope you saved room. Along with the book, Davidson naked released a video that shows the dogs in action. Because the internet is great, right after the video was published someone chopped naked up and turned each shaking dog into its own GIF. His name is Tyler Card and he's the dude who put the rest of us camera aficionados to shame in the Halloween costume department.

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His getup, which he made back inactually took pictures using an embedded DSLR and flash. Those pictures were then transferred to an old laptop screen on the back that looked exactly like the image screen on a camera.

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Chop Chop. Highlights would tween bong rips with Laotian jungle-clearance crews, getting busted gif the cops while high with Jim Morrison and going to Woodstock as an inpatient after having tween hole blown in his head in Vietnam. | gifs that i knew and liked | Music videos, Couple photos, Little girls

Oh, and he was the inspiration for Dennis Hopper's drug-addled shooter in Apocalypse Now. Page wouldn't want to, nor would know how to, survive on a photographer's pay these days.

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Much of his time is spent on projects tracing the deaths of many of his war-photog colleagues. War's a different game too. We would go to the gun range, lebenon sex pics Ms out of helicopter doors and twin machine guns off the front of swift gif, smoke great opium and could get a cold beer. It was dangerous when you got fucking hit, you shat yourself and pissed yourself, but the rewards were quite reasonable.