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Standing outside the trailer park, my heart was beating so fast I thought I would faint, the cold air whipping me back to reality. Releasing a shaky breath, I remembered the last tumblr I was here.

Juggy and I were younger, we would be on the steps, him sitting while my head rested on his lap while he talked, mum then would bring us some tea and would join us, dad nowhere to be found.

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A truth I am going to desperately change. With each step, I grew more confident in myself, in my return but it all shattered as soon as I knocked so assuredly, and another knock followed but with apprehension.

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Walking almost hesitantly into the trailer, sluts door shut behind me, as trailerpark stood in silence for a while, as we just looked at each other. Sitting in the diner, it felt like nothing had changed, Japan jgirl nude sat next to my dad, Jug in front of us.

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A chocolate milkshake to share with my dad because I never finished a whole one, Jughead had strawberry. He then took our order before we returned to our conversation. Is she as dark and mysterious as you or?

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