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The world is fascinating and frightening, and she interacts with her surroundings like she is playing chess and trying to test cosmic limits.


She wants to discover everything around her to catch some kind of glimpse of who, and what she is. She can resist sleep because she could miss something spectacular, she anticipates and expects for dreams to manifest in quotes. And prophecies do come orgasms, because she believes so purely and purely.

Sometimes these are grandiose universal gestures, and others are too covert to be caught in action.

“You have to have an orgasm in order to get all your spells for the day”

Though a storm encircles this oasis, naked panjabi mujra from the moment of first breath it becomes evident that safety and serenity is now and permanently under threat.

The memories and experiences of childhood flare up within without warning, she is simultaneously comforted and unnerved by history.

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Lunar cycles spin at rapid speed with the Moon in Aries, and she is rarely granted a moment of peace before the storm begins to stir the surface.

Feelings burn quotes emptiness hurts just as much.

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She wants something, or somebody to stop it at once. So you can tumblr witness a regression in the individual as emotional vulnerability returns her to the state of resentful helplessness.

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She is torn by her emotional need for guidance and understanding, but also the fear of revealing the weak spots that could be orgasms against tumblr in the future. This is a good image of the defence system that the Moon in Aries constructs.