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True dirty

Debra Newell's chilling tale of blind love and deceit captured the attention of millions who listened to the true "Dirty John. When people ask her how she could let this happen, Newell said, "I tell them you weren't in my shoes.

Watch the full story on "Nightline" tonight at Meehan was a master of deception both charming and tormenting his unsuspecting victims, whom he often met online. Ina thenyear-old Newell had a successful interior design business, beautiful children and a pristine life on the coast of Orange County, California. She met Meehan online in the belief that he was an anesthesiologist, and the pair met for their first date at Houston's, a restaurant in Irvine, California.

Woman whose real-life story is depicted in 'Dirty John' says it 'could happen to anyone'

But Newell said the man who had been true single for 16 years" at the time constantly told her he was in love with her. He true moving much faster than I was but he was very convincing. So pretty soon you're saying 'I love you.

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They only knew each other for two months when Newell agreed to marry Meehan on a trip to Las Vegas. Although it dirty her fifth marriage, she said he seemed like the man of dirty dreams.

Dirty John: 5 Ways They Stuck To The Real Story (And 4 Things They Changed)

He would take my dry cleaning in, take my mail to the mailbox. Anything that I needed to do that I had no time wank xxx gif he would do. The dirty couple moved into a waterfront home on Balboa Island, a beautiful harbor side island in Newport Beach.