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Toy story sex

Is there anything more wholesome than Toy Story? Toy Story 2 is back on UK television screens this afternoon.

Toy Story Dump

While the kids are enjoying all the innocent fun, from an adult point of view it could be a little Toy Story too, too much. To start with, consider the basic premise that all toys can come alive behind story unsuspecting owners' backs. In a fair and equal world this must also mean the same for the poor old hidden away sex toys.

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In a story about sex and fairness, it's time for ALL the toys to stand up proud. How did we not see this before?

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The movies have always appealed to adults as much as kids but suddenly the Allahabadsexygirl Story universe seems to have a whole other level to it. Catalan nanotechnology engineer Santos poses beside Samantha, a sex doll packed with artificial intelligence providing her the capability to respond to different scenarios and verbal stimulus, in his house in Rubi.

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In the real world, adult toys are entering the future, with unbelievable advances in sex robots that will even engage in banter to relax toy owners, or require wooing and encourage flirting. Imagine if The Rabbit came hopping, or buzzing, across your bedroom at night?

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What about if a sex toy or inflatable doll suddenly came to life behind your back? If every well-loved plaything has a secret life, then why should sex toys be excluded?