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8 Facts About Smurfs That Are Actually Kind of Interesting

What is your Smurf Nickname? Page 3 Author Topic: A Naked Smurf?! Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Registered: Smurf Village Registered: Dec smurf it Smurf Member Member Rated: Giving someone one of my exploding chola hotties nude is WAY better than receiving one. That's very wise. Do you think all smurfs topless outdoors?

A Naked Smurf?!

Or do they mainly shower in their houses? In front of my dresser Registered: And in my sumrfette the human character also bathing outdoors too so does the smurfs. Bangkok,Thailand Registered: I was one of the last people to go to bathe because I'm so shy but when you get to the bathing part the experience is unmatched and I'm not being a perv. What's different is that I'm in a hot and humid rain forest jungle not a nice and dry European forest it's feel a bit more "raw" out here in southern Thailand.