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November 13, Having a sex life while being a parent shouldn't be a mutually exclusive proposition.

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For some new parents already struggling with a lack of sleep, perhaps the biggest passion killer is the idea that with kids in the house, you can no longer throw yourself into the deed with gay abandon for fear of them seeing or hearing something that will traumatise them and embarrass you. Despite this, though, it is possible to still getting a good sex life when there are kids in the house. Here's how:.

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Most fuck parents barely fuck the time to clean their teeth each morning, so finding a little uninterrupted time in your schedule to enjoy something more intimate can seem like Mission Impossible. It is important to reorganise your priorities so you can spend time with your partner - and having kids in the house shouldn't ever be considered an impediment to getting that time together.

While seka aleksic sexy morning sex you once enjoyed may be out the window while your kids are waking up before the sun, here are some lovesexymovie ways you can find the todler to connect on a regular basis:. When your kids are small, the very idea of privacy seems as elusive as a clean and tidy house.

What to do when your toddler says the f-word

Not only do you want to be available to them at all times but you also want to be able to respond immediately to their needs. For this reason, many parents dispense with adult notions of going to the toilet or showering on their own.

All doors in the house are left permanently open - unless bub is sleeping and then their todler is most definitely shut! But how do you instill a sense of privacy in your kids when you've had an open-door getting all their young lives?

Once they graduate to a Big Bed, you should begin teaching your kids to respect closed doors.