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Originally posted by jaguna. Just like his brothers he knows exactly what to do to show his girl a good time.

“A Piece Of Red Silk Ribbon”

When you both would reach your climaxes he would lay next to you for a few minutes, just taking it all in. But, Donnie vladmodel naked definitely one of those people to smoke a cigarette or two after sex. He would smoke one in bed as you dozed off for a little bit by his side.

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Then when you would wake up and the two of you would get cleaned up, he would retreat back to his lab and smoke another cigarette. His brothers would know that he had just had sex because they could smell the faint scent of smoke coming from his lab. You and Donnie walked out of his room with little smiles on your faces and you shared a quick kiss before separating to do your own things for a while.

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You walked into the living room where Leo was reading a book and Raph and Mikey were girls a game on the WiiU. You sat next to Leo and watched the freefuckedupporn taking place then a few nude later everyone tilted their heads, starting to smell the faint scent tmnt cigarette smoke.

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Your body hung limply from the thick chains bolted the walls. A stray tear escaped. It was all you would allow.

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Otherwise, the thin wall separating this experience from you would break. It had been days since you had last eaten.