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Ashley was born in Acter, Alderney, and knew several of the members of the Lost Alderney Chapter since childhood, including Johnny Klebitz. After joining iranian beautiful pussy Lost, she became Johnny's girlfriend and also became a drug addict, using cocaine and tlad meth.

Ashley Butler

Her addictions, coupled with her infidelity due to her desire nudity obtain such drugseventually led to Johnny breaking up with her, which worsened nudity addiction. Eventually, her addictions later led to her being held-up in a crackhouse by some drug dealers when she couldn't pay them, although Johnny managed to save her.

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Ray used this to his advantage, convincing her to use The Lost to steal several diamonds which originally belonged to Ray Bulgarin. Despite this, he is shown to have genuine concern towards her and her addiction.

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She also borrowed money from the Russian Mafia to pay for her habit. Later, Ray orders Johnny to take part in a deal exchanging the diamonds which were stolen previously for money. However, the deal is ambushed by Luis Lopezand among gta confusion, Johnny decides to take the money for himself and the Lost. He then gives it to Jim Fitzgerald for safekeeping. Ashley unwittingly informs Ray of this and he has Jim tlad and tied up in his basement to be gta in the hope that he will reveal what happened to the money. Johnny is lured to Ray's but the two escape before parting ways.