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Thinspiration guy

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Shoutout to all the boys with eating disorders out there. Your wrists will be slim enough to wrap your fingers around and and naked horny teens ribs will poke out nicely from guy your t-shirts.

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That fun anorexia moment when you buy new boxer briefs that actually fit you but the feeling of the waistband on your stomach makes you physically ill so you wear the too big ones anyways.

That guy anorexia moment when you try to eat to gain muscle but when you actually weigh yourself and notice the number has gone up you relapse.

stomach: **agressive growling**

That fun anorexia moment when your lunch consisted of three slices of turkey, two pickles and a cup of skinny pop. This all happened today. This is one day in my life. So yeah try again tomorrow.

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It would not be pro ana but more for guys who are thinspiration in the thick of it who need a place to vent or talk or something. Also trans guys are thinspiration welcome otherwise it would be kinda hypocritical.

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