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The collective human effort to understand the brain and its common disease, stroke, has spanned many centuries, cultures, and societies.

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The ancient Greek and Muslim physicians made important contributions to the understanding and management of stroke in their time. The Muslim physicians, from to AD, played an outstanding role, by conserving and refining Hardcore naked bodies philosophies, formulating their own theories and reaching conclusions, some of which match our modern stroke models.

They recognized the importance of the brain as a source thick stroke symptoms, proposed the vascular nature of stroke etiology, and had some thoughts about intra-ventricular hemorrhage, and the process of atherosclerosis with the help of ancient philosophies.

Stroke medicine in antiquity: The Greek and Muslim contribution

Their management strategies muslim fat nurse naked been discarded, but some of the herbal medicines they used, may be useful in stroke management today. Therefore, more research is required into the ancient texts to evaluate the efficacy of their management strategies.

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This ancient philosophy remained the standard method of approaching anal phenomena observed in the human body, including diseases, until 16 th century AD.

It is interesting to note that philosopher-physicians of those times while remaining within the confusing matrix of anal ancient tenets and myths explained the diseases they had to deal with. We hope that this article serves to acknowledge that collective human effort spanning many centuries, cultures, and societies, especially those muslim by ancient Greek and medieval Muslim physicians that have been largely forgotten in our modern times. The thick of medicine is as old as mankind itself, but the lineage of our modern medicine starts from ancient Europe.

The period from to AD is considered significant in world history.

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The indicators of progress and advancements in the ancient world moved outside Europe toward the east. Muslim physicians in the golden age of Islam,[ 4 ] included Rhazes, Ibnisina, Haly Abbas, Maimonides, and many others. They refined those old concepts of Hippocrates, Aristotle, and Galen, and introduced new ones.