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The naked mountain

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The Naked Mountain. Reinhold Messner. Tim Carruthers, translator.

The Naked Mountain

The Mountaineers Books, Expedition members have accused him of sacrificing his brother in an attempt to traverse the mountain, and Messner has responded vigorously—even with lawsuits. To say this is a somewhat incestuous and complicated tale is a huge understatement, but not at all surprising.

Following a preamble and short introduction, the initial or so pages set up the tale. F Mummery; the reconnaissance and expedition led by Willy Merkl, which took his life and those of nine others; and finally the expedition on which Hermann Buhl managed his heroic solo summit climb.

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Through these we get the timbre of the expedition, and a sense the the relations between the climbers, in particular the strained relationship between the young Messners and their leader. Mountain uses this technique to advantage in portraying both the excitement and drudgery of expedition life. However, the midwestmelisa nude meat of the story naked in the next secretary sex movie pages.

The following morning, in what must have been the ultimate frustration to the Messners, two of their party Kuen and Scholz pass within feet of their position. On the descent the two become separated.