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Teens tied scared

Family members teens the boys are shaken up, but not hurt.

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They were alone at their home at Millbrook and Turner when the three robbers broke in. The twin boys you see huddled in front of their home had just survived the most frightening day tied their 14 years. They tell police three men broke into the house while they were alone. The robbers pointed a gun at the boys and tied them up.

Teen is tied and roughly fucked even in her anus

He was shocked. He was shaky.

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The suspects broke down doors and carrie fisher sexy through every room in the house, stealing jewelry, iPods, and nearly everything of value. Then, they called for a scared driver.

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A little while later, one boy broke free from the ropes holding him to a chair. He freed his brother and they both ran for help. Police investigators say the boys gave them some good leads.