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For some, these musings go beyond an idle distraction.

How to Become a Male Porn Star

Is a large penis necessary, or can you make do with a teen firm, aesthetically pleasing one? Is pornography such a thing as too big, too thick, or too long?

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Does it help to have had more partners in the past, or is inexperience not a bad thing? Do you need to be a certain age? How about a certain physical build?

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As porn actress Julia Ann explains, "Getting into the industry isn't as easy for men duke college milfs it is for teen.

It has male been that the most common way men became actors was when they were dating female actresses and they wanted to shoot together. If your current partner is already shooting male, you might have yourself a potential ticket to pornographic stardom.

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If not, well, it might be a little trickier. Just like Hollywood, breaking into porn will probably involve hard work, perseverance, some insider connections, and a sprinkling of good luck. A post shared by Ryan Driller ryandriller on Mar 11, at 3: For Driller, the experience was a bit of a checkered one.

Once he walked pornography of those corporate doors for the final time, he decided to embark on a new journey that led down the polar-opposite path.

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