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Nataliya is making quite the name for herself in the field andrew shut fucking fitness.

Russia’s biggest female bodybuilder puts most men to shame

The year-old weighs over lbs, mostly in muscle. She puts even the biggest male bodybuilders to shame bodybuilder her massive biceps, triceps, abs and legs.

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Literally, every part of this woman is pure muscle! She is making gym-goers everywhere look like weaklings. This is not someone we would want to mess with….

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Joining the gym Nataliya was always an athletic child and enjoyed combat sports even at a very young age. At the time she teen only fourteen, she weighed 88 lbs.

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She was sick of being called skinny and scrawny all of the time, and she decided that she wanted to gain more muscle so she started hitting the gym. Only two years later, she became a pro-powerlifter and won the title of Zabaikayle Region Champion. The bodybuilder is definitely far from scrawny nowadays. Standing at 5 ft 5 in, her girls consists of almost entirely pure muscle.