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Tamara naked

Being naked on TV never seemed like a big deal to me, and so I applied.

After taking part in Naked Attraction, I went celibate for a year

But now, a year later, I feel very naked about it. About a month before my episode aired I started seeing this guy. I remember receiving an email about my episode and obviously I was excited and told the guy I was seeing about it. Before I even applied for the show I loved watching it.

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I found it sexestonia interesting to see all the different body types. I find it absurd that people can be so negative or grossed out by it.

Tamara Bencsik

We stopped seeing each other about a month later due to distance as we lived several hours apart. After I sent in my application, the producers asked naked to come in for an audition. I met with a few girls from the team and they were all very welcoming and made me feel at ease, which was lovely, because you have to get naked even at the audition stage.

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On the morning of filming, my fellow tamara contestants and I were asked to meet in the reception of the hotel. The tamara were very kind and we got on fine, which also made it easier to be naked around them.