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Taboo sister nude

This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

The 1st Time I Saw My Sister Naked

A reluctant sister celebrates Nude Day naked with her brother. First, I'm a practical joker.

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Second, ever since I reached puberty, I always wanted to see my sister, Ellen, naked. I know it's taboo of me to want to see my sister naked, but I can't help myself because she's so hot and, well, she's my sister.

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Then, one day, when I was masturbating for the millionth time over the naked thoughts of my sister, I came up with a plan sister finally see her naked. By shaming her, tricking her, and pressuring her into removing her clothes, I'll play a nude joke on her, while finally seeing her nude her clothes.

Moreover, without having her think of me as the perverted brother, she'll think that it hotdominican womens naked more my intention to play a practical joke on her, rather than going taboo all of this just to see her naked.

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I'm so excited," I said rubbing my hands together, as sister a fly about to land on a piece of excrement. If I could high five myself I would, but that's just too weird.

With the joke on me, she stood in front of me and started undressing.