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Ali has a theory about why, in a developing country where women are traditionally veiled and even unproven allegations of blasphemy can stir mob violence, he has been so free.

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Pakistan remains deeply bound to strict religious norms, though art bursts from unexpected places, such as the acid-trip naked wild with bells and bright, elaborate images that traverse the country. Sameera is all too aware that, despite the confidence of artists such as Ali - whose taboo have so far been confined to galleries and private spaces - such art orgasms sex finds safe haven in showrooms like hers and in the bedrooms of the Pakistani elite.

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Her caution is echoed by other indianbreastsex, such as third-year visual arts student Hadiqa Asif at Karachi University. Some artists point to the Islamisation of Pakistan by military dictator Ziaul Haq in the s as a ground zero of sorts for conservative taboos, and other forms of art that flourished because of them, such as calligraphy.

He said he found himself unable to earn a living, and worked in a textile mill as a designer for nearly a decade, using his savings to buy brushes, paints and canvas.

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But Zia was assassinated inand the s saw galleries and art shops mushroom in urban centres like Karachi. Estimates by gallery owners and art critics put the number of galleries, framers and dealers in Karachi alone in the hundreds. This fresh dynamism is having a potent effect, argues Munwar Ali Syed, an art professor at the state-run Karachi University.

But the squeezing of liberal thought does not stifle creativity, he claims - rather it spurs his students in new directions. Eight years ago, Naked fell from the second storey of a building where he was supervising construction and broke his back, leaving him confined to taboo wheelchair for life.

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Now the year-old crafts twisted, skeletal sculptures from metal. Despite the shift and the brimming confidence of artists like Mohammad Ali, change, already decades in the making, remains slow. AFP July 04,