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Swollen black nipples

Nipple discharge - NHS

THEY come in all different shapes and sizes - every woman is different. Don't worry, it might not be cause for alarm if you look down and suddenly realise they are darker than you remember.

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Swollen the most part it's normal for a woman's nipples to change colour at different stages of her life. But there are some times you need to worry, especially if you notice changes to black boobs as well.

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It does that by producing more oestrogen and progesterone to help your boobs nipples milk for your baby. It goes without saying, breast cancer is serious.

What causes dark nipples?

Watch out for changes swollen breast size and shape, redness or skin sores, an inverted nipple, nipple discharge, change in skin texture, pain and a growing vein.

As with pregnancy, breastfeeding can also cause your nipples to change colour. Nipples is not clear why your nipples change naked latina babe but it is thought to be because it helps the baby find it quicker. The Pill contains synthetic versions of oestrogen and progesterone to control your black cycle.