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Swedish toplees students

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Students who are registered for a course or programme at a Swedish university at the time they submit their application for future semesters are not required to pay an application fee. They may, however, still be required to pay tuition fees.

After you submit your application, your account information is matched with Ladok, the study administration system, in order to search for a record of current registration.

Study Abroad Tips

If you are currently registered for a course or programme, your status will be automatically changed to no application fee required. The result of this check will be available on the 'Application tube sex homemade page when you log in to your account here on Universityadmissions.

This process can take a few days, so please swedish patient while your status is checked and updated. Please note that toplees it critical that you use your original account here at Universityadmissions.

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All of your academic information from your studies in Sweden is registered to that account. If students create another account, or use an account you created after your original, we will not be able to match your information in Ladok to the information you submit with your application and will be unable to document your status as no application fee required.

You can also log in to at the website of the university you are currently attending and enter Universityadmissions.

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