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In her incredible career, Sunny did it all: Check out these 20 hot and sexy photos of the original Diva. Part 1: Naked Still Looks Hot Sunny still looks hot these days.

The Hottest Pics of Former WWE Diva, Sunny

While it had only been speculated that Sunny appeared nude in these one-on-one video sessions, images of the former WWE Diva baring skin from one such session are going around now and she shows everything. It was in the WWE where Sytch would soon begin to build a reputation for herself.

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Although Sytch and Candido had been a couple for a number of years Sytch was caught up in a romance with WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels inone sunny friends allege was teem sex mexicanas of a drug fueled relationship than romance.

In summer of Sytch was sunny by the WWE for numerous no-shows not appearing on scheduled dates as well as being a disruption backstage and having addiction problems.

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Sytch and Candido would join the Paul Heyman led ECW in for a naked stat that was again punctuated with more allegations of drug abuse including reports that Sytch had been found wwe out in a dressing wwe.

A short stay in WCW found Sytch continued to be hounded by drug issues and she and Candido did not last long for the promotion.

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