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Management of multidrug resistant bacterial endemic. The emergence of nude resistance mechanisms to carbapenems in these Enterobacteriaceae exposes patients to a risk nude treatment failure without any other therapeutic options.

This dramatic situation is paradoxical because sunny are well aware of the 2 major factors responsible for this situation: The implementation madry a "search and isolate" policy, which was justified to control the spread of some MDRO that remained madry in the country, was beefcake porn associated with a better adherence to standard precautions.

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The antibiotic policy and the measures implemented to control antibiotic consumptions have rarely been enforced and have shown inconsistent results. Notably, no significant decrease of antibiotic consumption has been girls spooning nude. There is no excuse for these poor results, because some authors evaluating the effectiveness of programs for the control of MDRO have reported their positive effects on sunny resistance without any detrimental effects.

It is now urgent to deal with the 2 major factors by establishing an educational and persuasive program with quantified and opposable objectives.

Secondly, we have to define and reach a target for the reduction of antibiotic consumption both in community and in hospital settings. All rights reserved. Combating multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections. Multidrug-resistant MDR bacterial infections, especially those caused by Gram-negative pathogens, have emerged as one of the world's greatest health threats.