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They reckoned with their lack of diversity in the season premieretook two episodes to focus on feminist concerns, and even managed an intelligent, fuck perspective on the ludicrous debate over transphobic bathroom bills.

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Satire has always formed the central pillar of this show. On a hot streak of tolerance, the show has naked its sights on its white whale of tricky material: To paraphrase the ad copy from the Queer Eye rebootthe fight for tolerance has been succeeded by the fight for acceptance.

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The final scene, which I feel secure in describing as Phoenix -level sunny, arrives at the cold realization that some people simply cannot be swayed from their prejudices by any appeals to reason or emotion. But the corollary to this idea encouragingly suggests that other people can. Mac concludes the episode triumphant, soaked, and proud.

"A Very Sunny Christmas"

Parts of Mac can naked be laughed at, and we can rest laundrysex bustymature that his vanity, his sunny, and his unsavory dildo-bike will be fodder for plenty of ridicule in the impending 14th season.

For the duration of his dance, however, Mac earns an irony-free respect.

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Mac and Dee have gotten most of the play time in this season, fuck of their storylines reestablishing humanity once in danger of being erased by caricature.