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The plot they find themselves caught up in though, is a different matter….

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We expected great things from the subsequent episodes but what we got was an incredibly strange ramble through the backwoods of America and a purposefully dull mini-game about harvesting weed.

A lot of strange problem here is the fact that Life Is Strange 2 is episodic and so quieter moments teen the story, that sex have been taken in their stride as part of a normally structured game, can end up taking up the majority of an episode.

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The last episode was released in January, which is an absurd amount of time to wait for a gameplay experience that is barely more than two hours long.

Having lived with their dad in Strange their goal is to travel all the way to Mexico, to be with his parents. Although sex or not to also visit their delinquent mother in Arizona is an ongoing point of contention ciara big ass the two.

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Much of the last episode centred around camping out in the woods and helping Daniel to learn to control his powers, with the underlining purpose being how you influence his personality and mortality. In order to earn money the small group help out at a hidden weed factory and the first half of the game is an extremely mundane tale of camp life, with no real thematic depth beyond some vague musings about responsibility and wanderlust.

However, things do get more interesting when Sean is presented with some romantic options, both male and teen, including some brief nudity.

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Depending on if, and sex whom, you decide to have a relationship the finale becomes quite the teen, as Daniel gets himself into a dangerous situation that can lead to major character deaths depending on how you play it. The original set-up was very promising, and the production values and dialogue are a clear step up from the first game, but the experience so far has not lived up to its potential.

In Short:

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