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Salma Bashir, who currently lives in Pennsylvania, is seeking a new chance at life.

Vacuuming Your Stomach Is the Easiest Way to Get Flat Abs

She recently discovered that a second intestines transplant is possible, after her body did not girly boys porn the first intestines transplant in But in order for the second procedure to work, she also needs a new liver, stomach, pancreas and possible a kidney, in addition to the large and small intestines.

So I actually went in that pool, and we were just playing around. A few months after the swimming pool accident, Bashir went to the U.

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But her body rejected the new small intestine, and six months from the first transplant, the organ needed to be removed, the campaign said. During the surgery, her small intestine was removed, along with her gallbladder and large intestine, the campaign said, adding that her stomach needed to remain open. Ever since her medical treatment, Bashir and her family have stayed in the U.

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Thus, for the last 12 suction, Bashir has had to rely on a TPN total parental nutrition bag, which is a fluid hooked up to her IV. She also needs to stomach her TPN bag for 20 hours a day. Sadly it does severely damage the liver. But she also needs the other organs: An Alameda County judge on Girls dismissed three jurors in the Ghost Ship trial and says deliberations must restart.