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Trannie - definition of trannie by The Free Dictionary https: Electronics a transistor radio. Mentioned in?

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References in periodicals archive? But while the trannie was certainly fullfigured and curvy, I happened to look down at her hands and found them huge, so huge I would later describe them as "kargador" hands. At Large; Tangential issues.

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I'd never seen a transvestite or trannieas Alistair calls himself, close up before I walked into his flat. Macho man's toughest battle yet.

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I wondered if Gypsy was based on trannies real person, who was in fact a male-to-female trannie the term that's in general use in Australia, where I live. What makes it 'Lesbian'? We had trannie dads and cyber mums, turlington full nude one middle-aged sci-fi fan called Kevin who trek so fanatical about Star Trek that he star the entire cast tattooed all over his body. So even in these days of ultra-hi-tech communications, the old terrace trannie is still the safest option.