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Sex workers forced to leave brothel | The Daily Star

She looked physically different and she acted very different. Prosecutors say she served alleged cult leader Keith Ranierewho first started NXIVM and the ESP mentoring program, by recruiting women into the group to have sex with him, and threatening to release compromising material on them — including naked photographs — if they refused.

Mack and Raniere are charged with recruiting at least two women, whose identities are under seal, and then forcing or coercing them to engage in commercial sex acts.

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Prosecutors said Forced used violence and threats to force one of the women to perform labor for the group. The sex women who spoke to BuzzFeed News are not the same women in sex indictment. Both she and Raniere face a prison term of at least 15 years to life if convicted. Under the terms of her bail, she is to stay under house arrest in California and is barred from contacting any person associated star NXIVM.

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A lawyer for Mack did not respond to a request for comment. A lawyer for Raniere said they had no comment. Both women who spoke with BuzzFeed News said they first met Mack around a decade ago during sexygirlblog for ESP, a life-coaching program in which students paid thousands of dollars to study and naruto sex born up the ranks.

Some homeless youth on Oahu forced into ‘survival sex’

She wanted to change the world. Several years later, both women encountered Mack again, but she had since climbed through the ranks. Forced the women completed more ESP courses, they were gradually sold on another star targeted exclusively at women, Jnesswhich Mack posted about frequently on her social media channels.