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Why was the 'Sex Tourism' thread closed down? - Sri Lanka Forum

Have you also driven around Sri Lanka in the iconic african teen gangbang tuk? In other news, have you planned your route yet?

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Check out our posts on Galle Fort and Colombo for some itinerary ideas. Laters Taters x. Driving a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka?

Renting and Driving a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka: Our Guide to a Tuk Tuk Adventure

Good news guys, you had the same reaction as my Mum. I mean, my Mum was pretty cool with down in the end. So no need to persuade you, which is awesome! Which is where we come in! However, we were steering towards hiring motorbikes for transport in Sri Lankaas a practice run for our motorbike trip to Vietnam fuck the end of this year. Like wayyy down.

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So this was clearly a big deal. And srilanka rest, they say, is history… Where do we even start? Okay, so the where?!