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Somali women

The women of Somalia bear an unequal brunt of the hardships occasioned by poverty, conflict and clan-based culture which promotes strict male hierarchy and authority.

This is further exacerbated by religious and cultural limitations on the role and status of women in Somali society. As a result, deeply rooted gender inequality prevails; Somali women are either excluded from formal decision making and asset ownership or operate through a patriarchal filter.

Somali women struggle to make it in politics

Somalia has extremely hank porn galleries rates of maternal mortality, rape, cases of female genital mutilation, violence against women and child marriage. Women face limited access to economic resources and assets.

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Women in Somalia face challenges that undermine their potential for political participation and leadership. For example, in Somaliland there is only one female minister out of 28 and only two members of women out of There is also a notable absence of women in the higher levels of government africa sex scene as director general and head of department levels.

Somali women struggle to make it in politics | Somalia | Al Jazeera

Economically, women have made some gains, expanding into employment and livelihood sectors traditionally held by men, particularly as more women assume responsibility for household income generation. Violence against women and girls remains high in Somalia with somali women and girls targeted.

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Somalia also has a history of violent attacks on women leaders, women who speak out against gender-based violence and the men and women who defend them. We will partner with the African Centre for Transformative Leadership ACTIL to build the capacity women Somali women political candidates and aspirants and equip women with tools and skills to ensure their political participation.

UN Women Somalia will also provide capacity development to gender activists and civil society organizations. Our economic empowerment programme targets poor urban somali rural women who have entrepreneurial potential but lack assets, skills or access to financial services.

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