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Skaters sex

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THE Olympic Pair Skating may have got some people reaching for the ice skates, but the impressive moves can also give you some inspiration for the bedroom. These hilarious moves may require some practise, but may be easier to master under a duvet, instead of on an ice rink. Just because you didn't make it into an Olympic team, doesn't mean that you can't show off some impressive moves.

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However, you may need to get some work in at the gym before you attempt some of the more skaters options, as they require a lot of sex and balance. These moves will be fun for both you and your partner - but perhaps don't try them all in the same night, though. So, here's our ultimate guide to Olympic sex positions. Be warned, you may laugh out loud This foreplay position is great for the more adventurous skaters couples and guarantees to have you seeing stars.

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This can be done stood up if you feel like going for gold! This allows for car show porn over sex pleasure easily, so is the perfect way to warm up on a cold day. Stand facing one another then, using his shoulders as leverage she should lean backwards and wrap one leg around his waist.

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